4 Reasons to Attend The Business of Education 2018

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The Largest Education Summit in Nigeria


For as long as man has existed, there has been one form of education or the other. Primitive men used the means available to them to teach themselves. On the other hand, modern man is at a better advantage with the invention of the Internet and other technologies. Today, we're able to achieve quality education that would have seemed impossible just a century ago.

But with such sophistication in technology and how it has enhanced the learning process, it would altogether be a defeat if we fail to get the best out of these advancements. Against this backdrop, we at Edusko Africa have latched onto the superb opportunities to not only present education stakeholders with avenues through which they can get the best out of the industry but also show them how they can deliver quality education to all generations of students. One of such avenues is The Business of Education (TBE); an annual education summit.

The event is designed for school owners, policy makers, school administrators, education entrepreneurs, solution providers for schools, education agencies, education-based NGOs, etc.

So, why should you be in attendance at TBE2018? Here are four reasons:

1. Meet, Learn and Network with Industry Leaders

To name a few, Fela Durotoye, Princess Sarah Adebisi Sosan OFR, Prof Fred Mcbangoluri, Mr Niyi Yusuf, Mr Austin Okere, Dr. Jennifer Smith, etc., are poised to sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with delegates.

Clearly, we've lined up a collection of personalities who've successfully risen to top ranks in their respective fields of endeavour. How did they get to such pedestals in their career? How has their education played a role in their rise? And what would they recommend be done so that the education given to the next generation of students will definitely prepare them for leadership positions tomorrow? These and many more will be addressed by our guest speakers.

This is your opportunity to leverage on the knowledge and expertise of these world class speakers.

2. Discover and Utilize the Latest Trends in the Industry

#TBE2018 is a coming together of individuals with different experiences and levels of achievement in the education biosphere. In attendance will be a plethora of people who have tried several approaches to processes and have developed how best they can be carried out, pioneers in the sector. Thus, you'll learn new ways to upgrade your modus operandi as a player in the education sector.

For example, are you in tune with how technology is now being used in the education industry? How can modern teaching technologies be used to save cost and time while ensuring quality delivery of education? Our speakers are poised to filling us in on these questions.

3. Join the Paradigm Shift

Wielding a steady positive influence on the education situation in Nigeria is one of the core values of #TBE2018. This is not coming as a surprise because its organiser, Edusko Africa, has been at the forefront of improving the education standards in Nigeria.

Among other records, we've helped thousands of parents to make well informed school choices for their wards in Nigeria and Ghana, partnered with universities in the United Kingdom to secure scholarships for Nigerians, created platforms where education stakeholders come together to deliberate the way forward; TBE being the most notable platform because it brings together stakeholders both from the top and the bottom of the sector.

Would you rather not be a part of this movement to galvanize the Nigerian education system into a glorious pedestal?

4. Opportunity to Promote Your Brand

Give or take, 2,000 education stakeholders will be in attendance at #TBE2018. This is a fraction of our total audience on all our platforms. #TBE2018 offers you opportunities to engage our audience and promote your brand with ease.

Furthermore, successful collaborations and longtime partnerships have been started at summits like this because those who meet there have a common interest; in this case, moving the Nigerian education industry forward is our interest.

As you may have seen by now, one of the ideas behind TBE is to bring together all education stakeholders in one gathering where they can discuss and brainstorm on practical ways to effect positive developments in the African education ecosystem. Bringing these top players together in one room is a really commendable feat. 

This year, the summit is scheduled to take place on the 25th of October, 2018; less than a month from now. Tagged "Future Ready Education: The Roles of School Leaders, Policy Makers and Technology", the summit will center on how the coming generation of students can be given high quality education so they can fit into the future framework of things and be functionally relevant in the society.

You really can't afford to miss this event. Register HERE to attend for free!

Imoh Iniekpo Udoh

Communication Executive

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