The Adventures of Lara and Dara – Lost and Found in Lagos

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Adventures of Lara and Dara


When we filmed Lara and the Beat last year, we saw an opportunity to create a universe around the 2 central characters – Lara and Dara Giwa. This opportunity evolved into the publishing of our first book: The Adventures of Lara and Dara – Lost and Found in Lagos


The book follows the life of the 2 Giwa sisters as teenagers. The sisters have just resumed boarding school and the book explores their journey as they forge their own paths while learning to stay loyal to each other despite new friendships. The book is a young adult novella targeted towards young people aged 9 – 12 years. This is the first book of a 3 part series and our hope is to follow the girls’ journey through their secondary school years.


PRICE: NGN1,200 per copy


For orders and enquires, kindly send an email to: admin@biolaalabimedia .com or call on +2347030469721

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