Dr Ghalib Fahad

Dr Ghalib Fahad
Director of Studies, Grenville Schools

Dr Fahad is a director of studies at Grenville Schools, a leading International School in Nigeria.

He has vast teaching experience encompassing both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the UK, Spain, UAE, Egypt and more recently Budapest. He has acted as supervisor to many students across degree programmes.

In addition, he has carried out several consultancy projects including acting as Director of the Haringey Business Development Agency (London).

Currently, Dr Fahad is involved in a range of roles in Nigeria including as Director of Studies, Grenville Schools, Lagos GRA; Chairman of PGTI (UK); Quality Director of PGTI Programmes in the West Africa Region; and PGTI’s Director responsible for Strategic Marketing, Training and Development, and Collaborative Arrangements in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. In addition, Dr Fahad has acted as a consultant, trainer and facilitator to private international schools in Nigeria as well as writing on issues relating to the Nigerian educational sector including the improvement of public schools through PPP initiatives.