Success International College, Ondo

We are dedicated to excellence demonstrated through national and international recognition. Through freedom of academic inquiry and expression, we create and disseminate knowledge by means of scholarly and creative achievements, we build our students with qualitative and standard education to prepare them ahead for higher academic standards, helping them to fit into different fields of study.

Watersprings International School, Akure

The Crèche and playgroup is committed to offering a safe, secure, loving and nurturing play environment where each child can develop to their full potential and be valued as individuals.

We have a large class space that affords the children adequate play area. The children in this class have a dedicated play ground on astro-turf. It is a gentle introduction to everything that nursery life has to offer.

Edidot Schools Lagos

Edidot pre-school is a warm and inviting home for our young and growing princesses and princes. We run a family-friendly system, where our Parents are welcome at any time and a place where children can learn and grow. We cater for children from the age of 3months to 5years and adopt the Montessori, British and Nigerian teaching methodology. 

Educare International Daycare and Nursery LTD

Every child has the ability to learn starting from the day of birth and we believe in creating and enabling environment where each child can achieve his/her full potential.

We believe that excellent caring is paramount to early childhood survival and that education includes the learning of knowledge and skills.

We embrace the child developmental ideology of Piaget’s learning through play and discoveries with Vygotsky’s guided learning to some extent.

Lara Day School, Lagos

Lara Day School Crèche is committed to creating a safe, warm, loving environment for children where they can grow physically, emotionally, creatively, intellectually, and socially at their own pace. We provide full day care services for children. We also strive to ensure that your child’s time at the crèche delivers the best experience possible for them.

The Childville School, Lagos

This is Childville School family. We describe Childville school as a family school because many of our students join us from playgroup class, they grow with us in a secured teaching and learningenvironment where they form a close relationship with both peers and teachers. The concept of family is very important to us because we are transparent in all we do and we involve our parents and guardians alike. The Childville School is an independent day schoolfor boys and girls of ages 18months to 15 or 16 years.

Md School, Lagos

At M.D School we believe that every child counts. Our staff are trained professionals who specialize in meeting the individual need of every child. The continuous professional development of staff is facilitated by seasoned educationists both in Nigeria and overseas. All in all, our focus is to operate within the scope of international best practice.