Handmaids International Catholic School

The importance of a solid foundation cannot be overemphasised when it comes to learning subjects ranging from Mathematics to English, to Fine Art and Technology which require a sequential kind of learning. Early education can provide helpful learning habits and can strengthen social interactions and self-confidence. This is what the pre-nursery school provides as the beginning of standardised education for our young learners.

Dayspring International Academy

The Pre- School Learning Program offers a structured and enjoyable start to school life in a warm, caring, and nurturing environment that truly supports and inspires all aspects of your child’s development. Our qualified teachers combine formal instruction with learning through play to equip the children with all the necessary social, physical and learning skills. We believe that all children are endowed with individual strengths and capabilities, and by nature are intellectually curious. Our Pre-school is made up of 3 classes namely,

Faith Standard

Situated in a child-friendly environment that will stimulate accelerated learning, Faith Standard is a model educational institution where future leaders in all fields of life are raised year after year. The decision to establish our model schools at Ile-Ife is to give an opportunity to youth in our environs to have a genuine experience of what their counterparts in mega cities do enjoy, nationally and internationally.


To challenge and inspire every child to reach their full potential in a caring and loving environment.

To ensure that Bowine International School pupils adapt and contribute to the ever-changing world as well as engage in continuous life long learning by providing a balanced curriculum designed to meet the academic, cultural and social needs of children from diverse backgrounds in our community.

Totsland Childcare

Whatever class your child belongs at Totsland, a lot of care and attention goes into his or her daily care. Our educators are very well trained, and paying attention to every individual child is high up on our list.

Our environment is also excellently equipped to suit our ages and activities.


To provide a safe, innovative, and early learning experience for our children to enable them stand out amongst their peers intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically, to give our children strong structure and foundation.

To produce cross-border and barrier-breaking children, by building self-esteem, responsibility, ambition, confidence, security, acceptance, and perseverance at a very early stage in life.