K-Bols International school

K-Bols International School is a full boarding co-educational secondary school which is built on the belief that good morality, integrity, economic, social and cultural advancement are basis for good child upbringing. The school is primarily concerned to train young Nigerian and other nationals to attain their full potentials and develop the high level of professionalism needed to perform excellently in their future careers and to be productive and responsible global citizen.

Meadow Hall College, Lagos

Meadow Hall is a co-educational institution founded in July 2002 where an integrated scheme made up of the British National Curriculum and the Nigerian Curriculum is offered. We are committed to raising excellent and Godly children that will attain their highest potential in life. We emphasise the importance of cognitive as well as non cognitive learning, and our world class facilities prove this.


Mictec International Schools, Lagos

Mictec International Schools evolved from a selfless desire to offer qualitative co-education of international standard that runs from Crèche, Early Learning, Primary, Junior High School, Senior High School to the Sixth form College. Fully conscious of the fragility of any child's future career, it is reasonable to infer in-depth the damages, which an inferior,substandard and quack educational system can cause both parents and wards. Hence, we offer you professional and dependable hands.

Urban International School

Urban International School (UIS) is a private university preparatory high school, fully inspected and licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

We offer a specialized academic program that is geared specifically for students who wish to pursue higher education in Canada and abroad. Depending on the undergraduate program the student wishes to pursue, UIS focuses on the academic requirement of the program to ensure that the student fulfills them, increasing their chance for success.

Association International School

AIS Secondary takes its place as a first-class international Secondary School for 10 to 18 year olds. Our beautiful campus is situated as a gem in the Airport Residential Area in Accra. We nurture and raise godly, confident, globally, competitive students with an acumen for academic excellence and discipline.

Our highly-skilled, dedicated and hardworking teaching professionals ensure the highest standards and best practice in teaching and learning. We foster an appreciation of the Arts and a commitment to community service. We also have a vibrant extra and co curricular program.

Loveworld Schools

At LoveWorld School, we recognize that quality education early in one's childhood, contributes immensly in building a strong foundation in the life of a child. This will invariably prepare him/her to successfully create/provide workable solutions in a diverse range of challenging situations affecting individuals and/or contemporary societies, in his/her older years.