Nzeeme Career Institute

As Telecoms/Info-Tech technologies bring new economic and social opportunities to communities throughout the world, businesses, nonprofits, hospitals, schools, and government organizations are experiencing growing demand for Telecoms/Info-tech Engineers and professionals to design, build, maintain, and secure their networks.
Neonetwireless aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to help meet this demand in a variety of industries ranging from broadband and wireless to healthcare and green technologies.

Camas Academy Malta

Thank you for taking the time out to read our bio. We look forward to hosting you at our wonderful academy in beautiful Malta.

For more than eighteen years, the CAMAS group have been working closely with the Aviation & Tourism industries to deliver high-quality training courses. We are continuously developing our range of courses to ensure relevance and value for our learners and employers.

The Footwear Academy

The Footwear Academy is a footwear Training and Production school for individuals interested or involved in the art of footwear production.

We offer a 4 weeks intensive program, one-on-one training and a "learn by doing" process to ensure our students get the best of the program.

We currently have 2 training centers in Lagos where we offer ‘weekend” and “weekday’’ schedules.