Abena Kwabena Academy

P. O. Box KS 11822
About Us

Abena Kwabena Academy is a primary and secondary school located in Ghana and is committed to providing the highest level of education to its students


Abena Kwabena Academy is located in Achiase, a small village in the country of Ghana. The school was started by two brothers that were born in the village as a way to give back to the children of their community. Abena Kwabena Academy teaches children ages 3-15 and provides year–round education in the fields of math, English, science, reading,creative arts and computer sciences. The brothers’ vision reaches beyond comprehensive curriculum to include smaller class sizes, a school lunch program, better teachers, and a 100% pass rate on the national tests required to enter high school.


P. O. Box KS 11822


School location

Abena Kwabena Academy

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