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The mission of Accra Grammar School is to educate children so they can compete any(where+time+day) worldwide. In accordance with this philosophy we offer an international curriculum designed specifically to meet this objective. The curriculum benefits from mathematical methods from Singapore, English teaching ideas from the United Kingdom, Social studies subjects form the Ghana Education Syllabus and several other areas. This way we get a complete global citizen at the end.

Admission Requirements

Admission Information

AGS enrolls children from all over the world, prospective students complete the application forms. This includes basic enrollment data, student health record (immunization records, medical information, and an in some cases a physical examination records. The signatures of parents and a/or doctor shall be required on this form.

You can always call us at 027-700-0034 or download an application form for submission from this page.


  • Demonstrate acceptable skills at the appropriate academic level for admission. These skills will be determined by a review of previous school records (where the student is old enough to possess them) and adequate performance on a AGS admissions evaluation;
  • Age qualifications applicable to the greade being sought will apply as well.
  • Students who meet the above criteria may apply for immediate entry at any point during the school year, depending upon space availability in the grade level for which the student is applying. Applications on waiting lists have priority for admission when spaces become available.

Health Information

AGS values health and fitness. Its programs encourage an active lifestyle that includes physical exercise, regional and international travel, and involvement in community service activities in our tropical context.

Fee Information

Annual school fees consist of tuition, transportation fees (if applicable), after school program, lunch and snack. Students meeting admission criteria will be invoiced upon acceptance. All fees are payable in advance and are due on or before the students 5th day in school after which time the fees become outstanding and may begin incurring interest. An interest rate of four percent per month shall be charged on the outstanding fee balance for all late or term payments, unless waived or arrangements made. Student whose fees have not been paid will not be allowed to attend school and risk losing their seat in their grade/program/campus. There is a one time application fee.

A refund of tuition and transportation fees will be made for a semester during which the student does not attend. Please note that attendance of any class on any one-day during a term constitutes attendance for that term. No refund will be made for any term a student attends.

Transportation fees, Lunch and Snack fees are invoiced separately with the After School program and can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis. The school has also been mandated to collect the parent teacher forum dues which are lodged into a separate account for the association. There is also a one-time application fee.


Since its foundation in 1999 and opening in 2007, AGS has endeavored to provide a quality education for a multi-national community. The curriculum is based on internationally recognized principles. Internationalism and technology use are the cornerstones of our learning environment. We want our kids to be able to compete at any level any where any time.


Accra-Dodowa Rd.
P.O. Box VV 54


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Accra Grammar School

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