Adelayo Academy, Ibadan

Adelayo Bus stop, Alagbaa Area, Wakajaye Iyana Church, off Iwo Road
About Us

Adelayo Academy is a private, day and boarding co-educational institution for total child education from crèche to senior secondary school educational level.

The school has been designed and built specially for Montessori education for the early years and functional secondary education. Our Vision at Adelayo Academy is “Developing Self Motivated, Competent, and Virtuous Leaders” and our Mission is: “To Identify, Develop and Harness the Talents of our Future Leaders Who Will Lead Self, Family, Community and Nation with Competence, Purpose and Integrity”. We develop character, competence and confidence and train our children to reign in life.

At Adelayo Academy we believe that every child is destined for greatness and that such glorious future requires solid, focused foundation and nurturing. This we achieve, not only through the use of best practices, state of the art, up to-date technology and purpose-built infrastructure, but especially through our body of professionally trained, dedicated and motivated teachers, counselors and caregivers who work as a team to create an effective learning environment and a happy community.

It is founded on the premise that the stakeholders including parents, teachers and pupils should be encouraged to take education back to what it truly should be; hand-heart–head i.e. a three-strand cord based on interwoven experience, imagination and reason. Therefore, we provide an extensive practical foundation to meet the needs of young children and their parents. The present system, treat education as three separate steps of observation, interpretation and application- head-heart-hands resulting in students that “know” in their head even if they have never seen or practice it.

Programs Offered
Nursery, Primary and Secondary Education

Adelayo Bus stop, Alagbaa Area, Wakajaye Iyana Church, off Iwo Road


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