Al-Azhar International College

P.O. Box 379, Lokoja, Kogi State
About Us

Al-Azhar International College is a full boarding co-educational institution. The College combines world-class secular and Islamic education with high moral training (based on Islamic teachings and ethics) to build outstanding and disciplined future leaders for all aspects of human existence. Wide ranges of subjects are taught at both junior and senior secondary school levels.

The school is located in Lokoja, Kogi State in the north central Geo-political zone of Nigeria. Lokoja is the State capital of Kogi State. The school is just about two hour’s drive from the International airport in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria. Access to the school from Abuja is through the newly upgraded trunk “A” road (Expressway).

Programs Offered
Secondary Education
Admission Procedures

Admission Policy The school admits students of all races, nationalities and religions. It does not discriminate on the basis of colour, religions, nationality and ethnicity. Admission into the school is by competitive entrance examinations. Dates and times of these examinations are advertised on Radio/TV stations and in national dailies. Students are examined in English Language, Mathematics Basic Science and General Aptitude. Admission Rules and Regulations Pupils who are in the middle basic education (primary 6) are qualified to write the entrance examination conducted by the school. Very intelligent pupils at mid middle basic education (primary 5) can also write the entrance examination. To be admitted, candidates must pass at least three of the four papers. A candidate that passed less than three papers can retake the failed papers after two weeks of home study. However, a candidate that failed three papers shall not be admitted. Qualifying entrance examination will be conducted for transfer students seeking admission to the school. Such students should also present their academic reports from their former schools. The school does not admit transfer students into terminal classes (JSS 3 and SSS3 Classes) except for those who had previously completed such classes and show promise through our exam. Students must complete and submit the acceptance letter of admission to the admission officer. There are two intakes per year, the first is during the first term which starts September and the second is January.


P.O. Box 379, Lokoja, Kogi State


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Al-Azhar International College

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