American & British Christ International School

7 Olorunshogo
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Is a K-12 institution that serves as study and demonstration center for ideas and practices of the United State & UK Education and Commits itself to end;              

*High level of illiteracy in local regions of Africa where access to quality education is unaffordable,

*Poor Knowledge in Science & Technology,

*Inability to partake in Exchange and Research programs in a developed Nation,

*High level of poor knowledge in writing and in spoken classical languages,

*Lack of Sound educational provision for the indigent people in Africa.

The Institution was legally registered in September 2007 and was incorporated in March 2012. It operates from August through June with provision of suitable international curriculum that enable the quality of teaching and learning to be commensurable with that of other US & UK schools.

The institution examine its students through Cambridge International Examinations, and College Board Test.

The Institution works to create the society in which every child is celebrated as a unique and valued creation of God, and is encouraged to fulfil his or her full potential.

Programs Offered
American K-12 progam
Admission Requirements

Two Passport photograph

Birth Certificate

Transfer/documents showing student previous grade,(Middle & high school students only)

Letter of recommandation from an approved clergyman.

All Freshmen and Sophomores are required to sit the school entrance test.


The Institution was legally registered in Nigeria in September 2007 and was incorporated in March 2012.

The institution has succeeded in establishing a standard K-12 institutions in two Countries of Africa (Nigeria & Benin Republic).


7 Olorunshogo
Owase Quarters
342107 Ondo


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American & British Christ International School

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Please, just want to confirm if the school is in need of an ICT Instructor

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