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A16 Almond Road Regimanuel Gray Estates Community 19, Lashibi,
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Beacon College International is an international centre that prepares children with a broad and balanced learning experience, to be enquiring of the world around them, and set them up unto a path of lifelong intellectual exploration through a rigorous curriculum and standard ethical and religious foundation.

Admission Procedures


The following materials must be received by the school before admissions can be processed.

  1. A completed "Application for Admission" form. - click here to download form.
  2. Previous School Report (If applicable).
  3. Immunization Records and Birth Certificate
  4. 2 copies of student's passport size pictures
  5. 1 passport picture and original of ID for pick-up authorization persons
  6. Fully paid up fees for the Term



All applicants seeking entry into primary section will be tested or interviewed. Testing or interviews will be scheduled and the date will be communicated to the parent.

  1. The testing has several components that may be mandatory for entrance such as English language skills and mathematics, reading etc.
  2. Please note that results of screening and interview may take up to 24 hours (one working day).

A16 Almond Road Regimanuel Gray Estates Community 19, Lashibi,


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