Blessed Primary School, Accra

P.O.Box AN 8098, Accra North
About Us


Provide christian training and upbringing that is biblically based for all children of school going age.


Do everything we possibly can to ensure that pupils and s tudents of the school put up an excellent academic performance at all levels of education the school offers.


Do all we can to mould the children with the discipline that will enable them be a blessing in whatever society they find themselves. It is therefore expected that all pupils and students will conform to the christian and moral standards and code of behaviour. Equally important to the school is the support and cooperation of parents and guardians in the achievement of the schools vision.


Admission Procedures

Admission of new pupils is generally at the beginning of each academic year. Interviews and written tests are conducted in the month of August and September for such prospective pupils and students. 




Blessed Schools Complex Ltd started as a Pre School with name Blessed Creche and Nursery School on the 10th of December, 1998 with three children and a Teacher, Florence Bart Plange who was given a scholarship to go to the National Nursery Training Programme at the Model Nursery for eight weeks and a Caterer/Director, Emelia Sampson, under the supervision of the proprietress.

Initially registered as Blessed Nursery and Creche by the Registrar General (Certificate No. BN-89-114B) the school started a primary department in September, 2000. By dint of hard work the school now has a Junior High Division, the first batch of which sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B E C E) in April, 2007 and passed with 100% distinction.

The Basic School was registered on 1st November, 2000 Registration No. AMA/ED/PPA.210. The Junior High School was registered on 1st September, 2004 Registration No. AMA/ED/JS.352. The School was graded GRADE A in May, 2006.


P.O.Box AN 8098, Accra North


School location

Blessed Primary School, Accra

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