Dansol High School, Lagos

13/15 Acme Crescent, off Acme Road, Off Agidingbi Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.
About Us

Dansol is a Christian school where we desire to create an atmosphere that emphasizes Christian values and morals. The students are encouraged and supported to imbibe and live with these values for the rest of their lives.

Right from the lesson plans for each of the classes, Biblical concept is used. We believe all subjects as we have them in all schools have their foundation in the Bible. So, teachers use the appropriate scriptures to support any of the topics they teach in each of the subject offered in the school.

We see a new generation built through Dansol. They are the future responsible parents, dedicated teachers, proficient professionals and honest politicians who will positively influence the future of this nation and beyond.

We are creating a new generation of humans who are assets to the nation, continent, the world and human race. They are inventors and experts who will see after the spirit because they have the spirit of might, counsel, knowledge, understanding and the fear of God (Isaiah 11:1-3).

We strongly affirm that the students are for signs and for wonders in Nigeria (Isaiah 8:18). We also affirm that they shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be their peace (Isaiah 54:13)


The school opened her doors to students on 9th October 1995 at plot 533, Wempco Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja with 4 students, 15 teachers and 5 administrative staff. The four students were Korede, Oladimeji in JS1, Tara Akinyemiju and Tola Adedunwon in JS2 and Stella Aloamaka in SS 2. Today, all these four students are graduates and are standing out in their various disciplines. Korede, a pioneering JSS1 student in 1995, had the best result of his set in 2001 external examinations, and is still the best in the history of the school. He is a first class student of a university in the United States of America.

Despite having only four students at inception, our students were not denied the opportunity of the experience of all the activities a more populated and matured school should have. These four students organized the very first carol service of the school. They also staged a drama depicting King Nebuchadnezzar and the Hebrew Boys. Academic and co-curricular activities were fully integrated into the lives of the students. And right from JS1, our students knew they had to study to make excellent result.

In January 1996, Lagos state and federal government approval to operate as an examination center was obtained. On 24th January 1996, we had the formal opening ceremony of the school, thus 24th January became our Founders Day. In attendance were officials from the State and Federal ministry of education, Chief Olashore International College Offa and a host of others.


13/15 Acme Crescent, off Acme Road, Off Agidingbi Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.


School location

Dansol High School, Lagos

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I want to know more about it

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How much is your fees for boarding for jss1

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How much is ur tutitio. Fee for boarding??
Urgent reply pls

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Dansol is really God blessed and I regret leaving Dansol

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What is the estimated fee for a JSS 1 student

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Please kindly let me know d school fees for jss 1

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