The Destiny International College, Osun Oshogbo

Km. 4, Gbongan-Osogbo Express Way, Osogbo, Osun State.
About Us

The Destiny International College provides a Christ-centered exemplary education equipping students as disciples and leaders to meet the numerous challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. The benefit of a sound education in a spiritually uplifting atmosphere is one of the greatest gifts parents could give to their children. This is what we offer at Destiny International College. Where your child(ren) experience(s) all-round development which gives them better chances of leading a successful life. The Destiny International College is established of the Lord to develop and strengthen the faith in her students, families, and the community around us. The High School years play an integral role in the formation of young people into adulthood. It takes much prayer, love, dedication, patience and understanding to help these students and families to have positive high school experiences. These days, some high school students are becoming more autonomous; some break far away from their parents on the quest to find their personal identities however they could. It is such a critical time when these young people are to be placed in destiny and life-moulding hands; in a conducive environment- where they are being helped to realize their God-given dreams in life; equipped and nurtured to fulfil it-as we have at D I C.

Programs Offered
Secondary Education

In 1993, God spoke to His handmaiden - Rev (Mrs) Oyenike Areogun (Senior Pastor-The Dream Centre of the Life Oasis Int'l Church) to establish a secondary that will afford girls an opportunity for a world class secondary education in a Christian atmosphere where they will be given a strong biblical, Holy Ghost foundation that will be unshakable as they move into institutions of higher learning and then into life at large, becoming leaders and disciplers for their generation and also excelling in their academic work. She carried this vision in her spiritual womb for eight years as DESTINY GIRLS COLLEGE. In the year 2011, her husband- Rev Olusola Areogun (General Overseer, The Dream Centre of the Life Oasis Int'l Church) got involved and brought the dimension of the school to be a college for boys and girls...that 'boys' destinies too must be preserved! Hence, the name DESTINY INT'L COLLEGE. In September 2013, the vision began to take on flesh, the temporary site is located behind the Dream Centre Church, the permanent site is under construction at the Destiny Camp in Osun State.


Km. 4, Gbongan-Osogbo Express Way, Osogbo, Osun State.


School location

The Destiny International College, Osun Oshogbo

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I want to inquire about the school. The fees and entry requirements. If admission is still on. What age requirement there is he any. My daughter is due for secondary school.

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