Divine Wisdom International School, Benin-City

#1 Divine Close, Country Home Motel Rd. Off Sapele Rd. Benin-City, Edo State
About Us

Divine Wisdom International school website. For more than a decade, parents and students from around the world have discovered and made their ways to our boarding school in Benin city. Like a hidden gem, Divine Wisdom International school has become the answer for those parents who find themselves asking one of life’s most frustrating questions: Where can I find a school that will enable my child to realize his/her untapped potential? If you need a turning point for your child. You have found The school..
We live in a society that makes it increasingly difficult to impact traditional Christian values of godliness, integrity, and moral responsibility to our children, but by working in fellowship with devoted parents like you, We believe with God’s help we can raise a generation of young adults who will impact their nations for Christ. 

We believe strongly in our school and it is my hope that our website will provide for you a healthy and transparent glimpse of Divine Wisdom International School. Through the various links and pages you will learn what makes DWIS such a unique boarding school: academic success through student accountability; athletic success through excellent sports and training programmes; a school that is simultaneously traditional, relevant, and personal. These are the mainstays of our school
What happens in the next ten years of your child’s life depends on what influences are shaping his thinking and moulding his personality now. Your child’s education is the best investment you may ever make,

Programs Offered
Nursery, Primary and Secondary education

#1 Divine Close, Country Home Motel Rd. Off Sapele Rd. Benin-City, Edo State


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Divine Wisdom International School, Benin-City

Submitted by Bar Abieyuwa A… (not verified) on Thu, 12/27/2018 - 12:43


Please I want to know if you have boarding facilities for primary school children of age 5 and 7 years. I am relocating to Benin next week and in search for primary school with boarding facilities. You can reach me on 08063463614

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