East Airport International School, Accra

East Airport International School P O Box KAPM 57 KIA Accra-Ghana, West Africa
About Us

EAIS is an international Co-Educational School providing a British Curriculum based on the Private School System.

The school admits children from Pre-School to Pre-University.  In Year seven (Secondary School), students will continue with the British curriculum towards their university entrance.

The school is set in a very modern and attractive environment, with highly trained and experienced teachers.

EAIS is committed to providing high quality education, with an emphasis on traditional core subjects, such as the 3Rs, which is offered in combination with modern teaching methods, and the use of ICT (Computer learning) skills.

Programs Offered
Nursery, Primary,Secondary and A-Level Education
Admission Requirements

EAIS is divided into four main sections: Infants 3-5 years; Juniors 6-10 years Middle 11-14 years; and Seniors 15-19 years. Classes are small, consisting of no more than 25 pupils in a class. This is to ensure that all pupils receive close supervision from their teachers. 
The curriculum is international and academic leading to the University of Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the General Certificate of Education at Advanced Level (GCE 'AS' &  'A' Level).

Admission is by assessment for all pupils irrespective of nationality, religion or race.


EAIS first opened its doors in September 2002. The school started with 15 pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2. Each subsequent year, the school has built and increased the number of classes. There is an emphasis on traditional 3R’s in combination with ICT (computer based learning).

EAIS provides a very disciplined school environment that enables children to explore ideas and interests with the support of well trained teachers and other staff.


East Airport International School P O Box KAPM 57 KIA Accra-Ghana, West Africa


School location

East Airport International School, Accra

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