Ecwa High School

Ecwa High school P.O Box 27 Angwa Jaba, Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.
About Us

Education is regarded as the catalyst for development as well as process for bringing positive change in the society. In Nigeria, it is recognized as an instrument for effective, national and personal development. Education, no doubt, is the key to national development. It is intended to serve the expressed goals and aspiration of the country or an organization. The Christian mission established schools in Nigeria to inculcate moral and religious values into the youth. The greatest legacies left behind by the early missionaries to Africans in general and Nigeria in particular was the establishment of western education. Though, the ulterior motives of early missionaries were to evangelized, the introduction of western education is to help them in the evangelism.

Programs Offered
Secondary Education

The school started as a day secondary school and co – educational. In the cause of time, we discovered that there are parent that wants to enrolled their children/wards in the school, but have no place to accommodate them and couple with the facts that they are kids. In other to meet up with the challenges of enrolment and desire of the general public, we decided to operate both day and boarding system. By September, 2004, the school commenced boarding house fully with 40 students using the youth proposed guest house for boys hostel and part of the DCC office for girls hostel.


Ecwa High school P.O Box 27 Angwa Jaba, Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.


School location

ECWA High School

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