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P. O. Box OD 240, Odorkor
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"To become one of Ghana's leading schools combining the advantages of information and communication technology, efficient school management, enrich curriculum and unrivaled care for our pupils".


"To be among the best schools in Ghana that provide quality education and care for developing the educational, leadership and psychological well being of our pupils.


For many years, Mr. Dalrymple - Hayfron has been inspired by people who have been remembered as a result of the legacy they left to society. He also nursed the idea of doing "doing something" to be remembered by the society after he had been called to eternity. One evening, Mr. Dalrymple-Hayfron waited patiently in his car for his wife Victoria who was at a hair dressing salon at Awoshie. Unconsciously, he started counting saloon cars which were coming from Accra towards Awoshie, Anyaa, Ablekuma and beyond. Within a period of an hour almost hundred saloon cars had been counted.

One striking thing which caught the attention of Mr. Dalrymple-Hayfron was that the chuildren who were beibg driven to their house homes were all in school uniforms. Such an observation was food for thought for Mr. Dalrymple - Hayfron. An opportunity for establishing a good school to absorb children who were taken to town had emerged and an idea had been conceived. With time, the idea became more certain and confirmed by the demographics of the area obtained from the Census Office.

Further research work which included talking to the experts in the industry proved positive. In addition, he was inspired and motivated by books he read. Finally Hayfron International School was born on 11th September, 2001. After ten years of establishing the school, would we say that the idea of Mr. Dalrymple-Hayfron to be remembered by the society is being achieved?


P. O. Box OD 240, Odorkor
Ga South Municipal


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Hayfron International School

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