James Hope College, Delta

Obi Ikechukwu Road, Formerly Old Lagos-Asaba Road, Agbor Obi, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria.
About Us

James Hope College is a world class private residential school in a beautiful and tranquil area of Agbor, Delta state, Nigeria, which offers a unique Nigerian/British style curriculum. Our College is about the children, the future leaders of Nigeria – collectively, all stakeholders are committed to the development of inquiring, lifelong learners. This involves attention to all facets of a child’s personality which includes the physical, emotional, moral, cultural, as well as intellectual. Students should be constantly encouraged to strive to improve themselves, and not be satisfied to settle for less than their real ability. As educators, we are entrusted with a sacred responsibility, a fidelity and loyalty to an ideal of both excellence and quality in teaching that leads to achievements by students. As a consequence, we have the opportunity to nurture and develop in students the qualities often found to be lacking in today’s society, namely, the pursuit of individual excellence, the desire to be valuable and responsible citizens with a positive outlook.

Programs Offered
NECO and WAEC, and international exams, such as Checkpoint and IGCSE.
Admission Procedures

To be eligible for admission into Year 7, prospective students should be 11 years of age by the 31st of August in the year of admission. The Entrance Examination attracts a nominal fee and to be eligible candidates must submit a completed application form and proof of payment.


James Hope College currently occupies the site that was home to the Old Computer College, which exposed many citizens of Agbor and it environs to state-of-the-art technological equipment and processes. Also, Mr Jim Ovia (CON), attended Pilgrim Baptist Primary School in Agbor, which was located at the current James Hope College site.
The Founder’s rationale for starting James Hope is based on affordable excellence. James Hope offers world-class education for a subsidised fee because it is supported by a substantial endowment fund.

James Hope offers an extensive scholarship programme. In any cohort, it is planned that up to 20% will be on full-scholarship.
Citizens that reside or hail from Agbor will also have a specific numbers of places reserved for them to access our full-scholarship programme.
Scholarships are offered to students attaining high grades in the Entrance Examination and meet the entry age requirement.

Obi Ikechukwu Road, Formerly Old Lagos-Asaba Road, Agbor Obi, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria.


School location

James Hope College, Delta

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