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Our School provides day facilities for boys and girls aged 18 months to 13+ years who are taught to the requirements of the English National Curriculum with particular emphasis on Nigerian social studies and culture where ever possible. The school is equipped to a high standard with specialist provision for ICT, science, music, drama, art, cookery and special educational needs, providing all the facilities needed to teach a broad and balanced curriculum. The school has a comprehensive reading scheme and an up to date state of the art library and media resource centre plus an excellent range of sporting facilities and resources which are used to carefully match the abilities and ages of the children.

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As an international preparatory school, we will admit children from the international community here in Lagos as well as children from all parts of Nigeria. Currently the school’s community is comprised of pupils of almost thirty nationalities with classes of less than 20 pupils.
The school’s motto is ‘Non Sibi Sed Omnibus’  ‘not for one but for all’ and therefore we accept application for admissions from all children. An application for the registration of a pupil must be made by the parents or caregiver/guardian of the pupil. Documents necessary for registration must include birth certificate of the child, international passport ‘info page’, an immunisation card reports and transfer documents from the immediate previous school. Prospective pupils along with both their parents will be interviewed by the Headmaster and the Business Manager.


Once this has been carried out and in order to maintain an optimum level of academic functioning across the school, the prospective pupil will be expected to undertake activities and /or written tests over the course of a school day which must be successfully passed. The applicant will be observed to determine several social and personal character traits such as ability to settle, disposition, temperament and so on. depending on the size of the classroom. There are waiting lists in most year groups. Admission is offered therefore to the first available child on the waiting list who has undertaken and passed the selection process as mentioned above. Priority in accessing a place will be given to pupils who have siblings currently in the school. While the school has a very active and experienced special needs department it cannot be expected to guarantee these facilities for those pupils with severe difficulties (even though they may have technically passed the admissions criteria).


On 2 May 2002 the vision of 18 founding member families to provide children with a first class primary school education in the English tradition was realized. The founders set high educational standards but also wanted the school to be a “happy school” where service to others and a sense of responsibility and personal integrity would always be borne in mind and perated through a “not for profit” foundation, the school has remained true to those aims ever since, and an unprecedented community spirit has driven this vision until the stage where “ Lagos Prep School” has become without question the leading establishment in its class

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36-40 Glover Road


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Lagos Preparatory School, Ikoyi Lagos

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