Master Guide Schools

10, Olugbede Street,Ile-epo Alhaji Bus/Stop, Egbeda – Lagos,Nigeria
About Us

The idea of masterguide schools was conceived with a vision to raise a generation of youths that will stand out for transparency, accountability and excellence in all their endeavors; future leaders that will be incorruptible, disciplined and economically proficient; youth that will see hard work as the secret of success and adopt it.

The meteoric rise of Masterguide School is large because my colleagues and I have remained dedicated to this vision; proper and enabling learning environment, child-centered and child forced administrative system, guiding the child to discover himself/herself morally, socially, physically and intellectually

Programs Offered
Nursery, Primary and Secondary education

We began Masterguide Schools on 10th of October 1994, like missionaries offering ourselves as willing instrument in the hands of God to centralize our dream/vision, and also to propagate moral per excellence as our motto says.


10, Olugbede Street,Ile-epo Alhaji Bus/Stop, Egbeda – Lagos,Nigeria


School location

Master Guide Schools

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