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With a 14 year history steeped in the delivery of quality education to student of quality education to students of diverse backgrounds we are committed to continuing our legacy of success in preparing our students into tomorrow’s leaders with distinguished moral values rooted in Catholicism. Today’s students represent the future of this generation and through expanding their knowledge, skills, values and faith, they will become instruments for change for a more just and humane world.


ueen of Peace Senior High School was established on the 29th of January, 1999 by the Catholic Church to provide quality education to boys and girls in the Nadowli area and beyond. It is located about 3km North-West of the Nadowli Township along the Nadowli-Tangasia road. The school is part of the public educational system in the district. Hence it falls under the supervision of the District Education Directorate. Our student population comprising of both boys and girls come from a diverse range of backgrounds but accommodated together in schools dormitories.

The school is public/ community/ mission assisted with a current student population of 829, 43 teachers and 29 non-teaching support personnel. The school has inadequate number of classrooms resulting in overcrowding. The accommodation situation in the school especially that of the boys in appalling. This compels some of the boys to sleep in classrooms. Even though the kitchen and dining spaces are adequate, any increase in enrollment will overstretch them. Another area of infrastructural concern is the lack of library facility.

We in partnership with Jacob’s Well International, a UK based organisation that has supported the school in the areas of food supply, provision of used clothing and computers, science practical equipment and portable water.


Box 27


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