Royal Girls' Academy, Port Harcourt

Off NTA/Ozuoba Road, Rumuokparali, P.O. Box 957. Port Harcourt Nigeria
About Us

As a model Christian boarding secondary school for girls, our aim is to produce crops of girls that are intelligent, disciplined and confident (not arrogant) and to raise up generations of girls who are a praise unto God and a pride to their nations.

Programs Offered
Secondary Education
Admission Procedures

Admission is open to all successful candidates without reference to nationality or creed. Applicants shall obtain forms from the academy, or fill one online, and take the entrance examination into RGA. Successful candidates will be offered admission, admission is strictly based on merit. Please note that candidates below ten (10) years of age would not be admitted. Forms are available @ the sum of #10,000 and payable at any GTBank Branch or online using your MasterCard, Verve or Visa Card.


The dream for an ideal Christian boarding secondary school for girls had throbbed in the mind of the proprietors since the nineteen eighties, In 1993 the vision became clearer and more persistent especially as the moral decadence among staff and students and the total lack of commitment to qualitative education in the country?s educational structure became evident.

The huge sum of money for such a project was alarming. This was the main hurdle considering the vast curricula post primary educational system currently operative in the national education programme. Added to this was the cost of the provision of decent standard boarding facilities. With these hurdles, the vision remained only a dream. Today the vision has become a reality, a dream come true as Royal Girls Academy. Many parents yearn for a school that is a home for their children; a place where parental anxieties over their children are taken care of; a place of sound academic and moral foundation, where discipline and academic excellence are not comprised. We are pleased to say that this is what RGA is all about. Little wonder that every session see the influx children from all over Nigeria with parents from all walks of life, creed, and nationalities. We know that after going through this prospectus, you will make up your mind to join the happy and proud parents who are already giving the best possible education to their children and so we say Welcome, Dear Princess, to Royal Girls Academy.


Off NTA/Ozuoba Road, Rumuokparali, P.O. Box 957. Port Harcourt Nigeria


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My daughter will be 10 in Jan 2017 and she really want to write your entrance exam from primary five that she's in now. Can she go ahead?

Submitted by Guest (not verified) on Sat, 04/21/2018 - 20:21


I Love it because it's an enjoyable subject

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