Shorefield Montessori Nursery & Primary School

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Shorefield Montessori Nursery & Primary School (SMS herein) is a product of love, love for children and a thirst for the best for them. It is our goal as an academic institution to provide the most comprehensive form of education for every child that comes through our gates in order to lay a solid foundation upon which the child’s lifestyle and future career will be built. Our Primary school’s curriculum is based on the best of British and Nigerian curriculum, handled by eligible and qualified teachers from the lower primary section to the upper primary. We also introduce our children to club activities such as Music, Craft & Arts, Maths Clinic, Drama, French and so many more. We ensure to bring out the best in every child because we believe that with constant nurturing and guidance every child will be able to identify their potential within them, all we do at Shorefield Montessori School is giving them the key to unlock it. The core curriculum at the pre-school level is the Montessori curriculum. In an unprecedented departure from traditional teaching methods, the Montessori Method advocates guiding the child at their own pace rather than forcing knowledge on them. It has been shown through various studies that children have an inborn desire and capability to fulfill their developmental needs. This natural curiosity requires nurturing; hence Montessori acknowledges that is the job of the educator to support this developmental work. At Shorefield Montessori School, we help them perfect their natural tools for learning with our top-class Montessori materials and other educational resources. Through the use of these materials and guidance by world class Montessori professionals, the basic skills for language and literacy, mathematics, grace and etiquette, creative development, emotional and physical development are achieved. Children are treated with trust and respect. They are encouraged to work on their own as well as to develop an appreciation for their environment by learning to respect their natural world. With the aid of the Montessori Method, children are prepared to make a smooth transition to elementary school and other educational materials that will be used in the future.




Day Only
Programs Offered: 
Nursery and Primary Education
School Facilities: 
Admission Fee: 
₦ 30
Academic Year: 
September, 2017
No. 6 AGBOOLA AJUMOBI street, Off Kayode TAIWO MAGODO GRA Phase 2
Lagos Ketu

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