Soul Clinic International School

No. 2 Wugon Close East Cantonmnet
About Us

At Soul Clinic International School, you will never be just a number or just another face.
At S.C.I.S., you are an individual.

We are supportive, pioneering and innovative just like our students. We are intellectually stimulated. We are very proud of our school and we know it has many strengths. S.C.I.S. is a jewel in the crown of private schools in Ghana. We know what we do well and we will continue to improve.

We are prepared to work hard, play hard and contribute fully to our academic life and social community together with our highly dedicated teaching staff. We are a quietly confident school.

At S.C.I.S., we know our students have a very strong, positive perspective of their school. We know at S.C.I.S we can offer you the warmest of all possible welcomes and a uniquely positively enriching academic life.

Admission Requirements

Schedule a test date. Telephone or visit the school administration.
Entrance Exam fee: GH¢15.00 for each child.

2.For Kindergarten, each child is given an oral and written exam. For the Primary, i.e. Grades 1 to 6, each child is tested in English and Math. For the secondary level, science is included.

3.Forward to our office or in person the following: Most recent card/assessment record, photocopy of birth certificate, testimonial from former school/church.

4.Upon completion of testing and receipt of the above mentioned forms, a student interview will be scheduled with the Assistant Director, Miss Marcia M. McCauley or the Admissions Officer, Mr. Vincent E. McCauley, Jr. We ask that both or at least one parent or a significant family member accompanies the student/pupil during the interview.

5.Admission forms are issued after entrance tests are complete and admissions are successful. These forms must be filled at the office.

6If admission is successful and a place is not taken for whatever reason, parents are kindly required to notify the office as soon as possible.


No. 2 Wugon Close East Cantonmnet


School location

Soul Clinic International School

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Pls will like to know the school fees for kg2

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