St. Augustine's College

New Karu, Nassarawa state.
About Us

To unite and groom individuals from divers backgrounds on a tripodal platform of dedication to studies., communal character building and the search for God through core Augustinian values.

Programs Offered
Secondary Education

The Order of St. Augustine otherwise called Augustinians, are Catholic religious order or congregation which was formally constituted in the 13th century and combined of several previous Augustinians in the monastic societies into one. The Order has done much to extend the influence of the church, to propagate the Roman Catholic Faith and to advance learning.

It is in the light of this that St. Augustine's College came into existence. It is a coeducational institution, owned and run by the Augustinian Fathers of the Province of Nigeria. It was established in September 2009 to take care of all facets of human development. The College is situated at New Karu, Nasarawa State near Abuja.


New Karu, Nassarawa state.


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