St Gregory's College

St Gregory's College South-West Ikoyi, Lagos-Nigeria
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Our vision is spelt out in our College motto: Pro Fide et Scientia (for Faith and Knowledge). As a Catholic Institution of repute, we bring up students with the fear of God and unmatched quest for excellence, and we are good at what we do.


Programs Offered
Secondary Education

St. Gregry’s College, established solely through the efforts of the Catholic mission in 1928 and named after Pope St. Gregory the Great (540-604), has developed into a unique institution sought after by discerning minds who seek to partake of its quality of education planked on the philosophy of educating “the whole of the human person”: his intellect, his heart, his will, his physique, his character and lastly, his soul, i.e. physical, mental, academic, moral and spiritual development. With an unbroken history of eighty seven (87) years, it remains the bedrock of academic excellence and character formation with an array of distinguished Gregorian’s who have left their footprints in the sands of time.


St Gregory's College South-West Ikoyi, Lagos-Nigeria


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St Gregory's College

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