Westerford High School, Cape Town

Mount Road, Rondebosch, Cape town
About Us

Westerford is a co-educational, secular, public high school located in Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa.

Westerford is a pupil-centred school that prides itself on a strong academic curriculum, compulsory sport programme and an enthusiastically embraced cultural life.

A focus on the balanced and holistic development of young minds and bodies combined with the motto of "Nil Nisi Optimum", "Nothing but the best", makes it no surprise that we have earned ourselves the reputation of "The school that never sleeps"

Programs Offered
Secondary Education
Admission Requirements

1. Application forms are ONLY available in hardcopy.
2. Collect them from the school office between 07:30 and 16:00 Monday to Friday.

Grade 8
Only Students currently in Grade 7 may apply to enter Grade 8 at Westerford
Grade 8 application forms are available from the front office from January 2016
Open days: 15, 16 and 17 February at 15h30 -17h00
Information session: Monday 22 February at 19:00 in the Noel Taylor Hall
Closing date for Grade 8 2016 applications: Monday 14 March 2016

Grades 9 to 11
Applications for Grade 9 to Grade 11 in 2015 - application forms will be available from 21 July 2015
All admissions requests for Grades 9 to 11 will be enqueued in a waiting list and should a position become available you will be contacted as soon as possible

Grade 12
Westerford does not take on new students into Grade 12

Admission Procedures

First Round:

Application forms are available from the beginning of the 1st term.
These forms must be collected from the School office. Forms are NOT available electronically.
Normally in excess of 1000 applications are received.

Second Round:

Approximately 600 are selected based on:
Academic standards in English and Mathematics.
All-round participation and ability.
“Potential” in the above.
Ease of access to the School on a reliable transport network.

Third Round:

Approximately 450 candidates are invited for an interview.
All interviews are on a one-on-one, personal basis, lasting approx. 10 minutes.


Preference (but no guarantee) is given to;
Westerford siblings.
Academic ability (mainly in English and Mathematics).
Participation and/or potential in sport and/or cultural activities.
Community involvement.
The ability to converse in English.
Confidence and leadership potential.
Personality and character.
In all of the above the primary focus is on choosing pupils who will deal positively with a strong academic programme, while being fully involved in the extra-curricular life of the School.

NB: Financial status of the parents is not taken into consideration when evaluating enrolment applications

Closing Dates:

Acceptance and non-acceptance letters are posted on the last day of term 2.
Applicants must accept the offer by the end of the second week of the third term.
Unsuccessful candidates are placed on a “waiting list”.


All appeals must be submitted in writing to the School. No verbal communication will be considered.
Appeals will be considered only once all successful candidates have responded.
Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by the end of the third term.
Further appeals must be lodged directly with the Department of Education District Office.


Westerford opened at the beginning of January 1953, housed in an old homestead which no longer exists. The site was originally known as Westervoort, but the school was known as Claremont Secondary School from the name of the school which shared a property with a small primary school on Dean Street. The pupils from Claremont Secondary School initially transferred their desks to the new property at the end of 1952.

Noel Taylor, the first headmaster, began referring to the institution as Westerford Secondary School and in 1953 the Cape School Board recognised the name. In 1957 when the first pupils matriculated the school became Westerford High School.

The institution enjoyed rapid growth from 29 pupils in its first year and grew further until 1959 when a new hall, named for the first headmaster, was opened as part of new school buildings for the 504 pupils and 27 staff members.

Continued development has seen a number of facilities open over the years including an indoor sports centre, seminar rooms, computer laboratories, swimming pool, Imhoff sports grounds and the Jubilee Centre in 2013 celebrating 60 years of ‘Nothing but our best’.

The School currently has 900 pupils and has a fine reputation throughout the country for high levels of achievement in many spheres, most notably academically. Our dedicated, talented and experienced teachers stimulate all our pupils to achieve their best and as a result have developed an innovative programme at the school which has helped make us a leading South African institution. So much so, that in 2010 Westerford was approached by the WCED to offer academic support and management oversight to their new school, Claremont High School, which would deliver quality education to a diverse pupil body from less privileged backgrounds.


Mount Road, Rondebosch, Cape town
Cape Town 7700
South Africa


School location

Westerford High School, Cape Town

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