Yeshua High School, Lagos

27-31 Limson Road, Via River Valley Estate, Ojudu Berger, Lagos, Nigeria.
About Us

YHS seeks to help students, not only to do well academically, spiritually, morally but to find out what they are on earth to accomplish. We also expose our students to vocational practice, sports, and many other activities that will help the individual student discover the talents that are latent in him or her. This, we have also discovered, will put our students in good stead as they seek admissions into universities all over the world. The world at large is not only interested in academic prowess but also in what they can handle outside the classroom.

Leadership training is also paramount in our curriculum because we believe that our students will become celebrities and they need to have the knowledge required to lead.
Jesus is at the centre of what we do in YHS.

The choice of a secondary school for your primary school leaving child is a step of faith. As you take it, choose YHS and allow us to join you to train him/her and you will never regret it.

Programs Offered
Secondary Education
Admission Requirements

All candidates admitted into JSS1 must not be less than 10years by September of the admission year.
Entrance examinations are conducted yearly every third Saturday in April.
Supplementary entrance examinations come up in June and August.
Students are tested in English, Mathematics, Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative aptitude and current affairs. Transfer exams into JSS2 can be taken on request.
Students resume in the third week of September for a 2-day orientation program.


Yeshua High School started on 19th September 2005. Yeshua means Jesus. The school came into existence by reason of a burden that had been discovered over two decades now. Many students go through secondary school more as “that’s the next step” and not necessarily “there is a desire in my heart that leads to accomplishment”


27-31 Limson Road, Via River Valley Estate, Ojudu Berger, Lagos, Nigeria.


School location

Yeshua High School, Lagos

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