Skilled African Parent Summit 2018

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The great African dream for most is to get educated, find a good job, get married, have children and live happily ever after! For those who get as far as having children – what they don’t tell you is that the children don’t come with a manual and you are left on your own to figure parenting out.

Parenting is the toughest and yet most rewarding and important job in the world. There is no simple formula and we don’t always know what to do. Each child is unique and we are expected to study them and adapt our parenting skills to suit their needs. This makes parenting an even more complex task.

Majority of us may have learnt our parenting skills from our own parents who may have been incredibly patient, loving and responsible, whilst others may not have been so lucky. One thing is for sure, parenting in the 21st century holds a completely new set of challenges which most parents are poorly equipped to handle.

The Skilled African Parent Summit presents a highly interactive opportunity for parents to explore the “Changing role of the African Parent in the 21st century”. Through keynote addresses and panel discussions, topics we will delve into on the day include:

  • Creating Emotional Harmony in the Home
  • The Changing Role of the Parent in 21st Century Education
  • The Impact of Technology and Media on Family Development
  • How to Invest in and for your Child’s Education.

This exclusive, highly engaging summit will provide a relaxed atmosphere for parents to engage with experts and with each other as we all learn how to be better parents and ensure that we raise healthy, confident and well rounded global citizens who are prepared to take on the challenges of life in the 21st Century.

Parents are encouraged to set aside a day to invest in the most important job in the world – PARENTING.

Join us this relaxed and highly engaging Summit on Sat 19th May 2018 at The British Council, Accra from 8.30am – 3pm.

Tickets are GHS150 and must be purchased in advance. Ticket includes buffet lunch, a FREE shoulder and neck massage and a Skilled African Parent Magazine. Early bird and bulk discounts available. Please call 0302 906 515 or 050 000 2065

*Please note that children are not permitted at this event.

This event is proudly sponsored by Databank, Citi FM, Unicom Chemists, Academic City College, Allure Spa in the City, UCMAS Ghana, Edusko and TV Africa.

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