Hebei University of science and technology

The university was founded in 1996 from the merger of several higher education institutions. They include Hebei Institute of Chemical Technology and Light Industry, Hebei Institute of Mechano-Electric Engineering, Hebei Textile Staff & Workers University.[1]



The university is organized into 16 colleges, including 45 undergraduate specialties, among which Environmental Engineering and Chemical Technology are the key, province-level disciplines. Nine disciplines have been authorized to grant master's degrees. They are Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Chemical Technology, Management Science and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Material Processing Engineering, Applied Computer Technology, Food Science, Ferment, Engineering, and Textile Chemistry and Dying Engineering. The specialties consist of 7 categories: Engineering, Science, Liberal Art, Economy, Management, Laws, and Medicine, which have nearly covered all the traditionally superior industries and high and new-tech industries of Hebei province.



At present, more than 2,600 faculty members serve in the university, among whom there are more than 1,150 professional teachers, with 550 professors and associate professors. More than 19,440 full-time undergraduates, graduates and overseas students, as well as 12,100 adult students are now studying in the university, and more than 40,000 students have graduated from university since it was set up.




Major Programs


Admission Year

September, 2016

Admission Fee

$ 200



School Facilities

Teaching Building



Shijiazhuang, Hebei
Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Admission Requirements

secondary school result International Passport Testimonial

Admission Procedures

step1: send clear scan copies of your documents to admission@chinauapp.com and pay application fee. step2: once we received the document and application fee, we will submit your application to the university and official copy of admission notice will be send to your email within 5 working days. step3: then visa application form jw202/01 will takes 2-3 weeks before it will be ready. step4: when jw202/01 is ready we post/mailed to your address and you go to the china embassy in your country and apply for visa.

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