Alf & Bett Scholars

About Us

At Alf & Bett Scholars, our mission is to deliver affordable childhood education that meets the highest international standards and provide what is simply the best learning environment for children, not just in Rivers State, but in the whole of Nigeria.

Working with youngchildren is challenging and demanding but also uniquely fulfilling andrewarding. Every new child is different and fascinating and the environment inwhich a child develops can greatly influence the mind of that child.

To ensure that the foundation for lifelong learning is widely achieved,we provide early childhood education and care, educational materials aswell as teaching aids for both able and physically challenged children. Every child is special and all children have the right to have equalaccess to education without discrimination.

Our vision is to ensure that all children irrespective of race, gender,religious orientation, physical challenges or special educational needs haveequal access to quality education and care.

Programs Offered
Nursery and Primary education



School location

Alf & Bett Scholars

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