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DEKS Educational Institute is an exclusive private basic and second cycle institution which was founded not only to focus on academic but also to develop in children between the ages one and nineteen years, active and creative minds that foster the awareness of self. We instil in them the unique responsibility each of them has to our world, and emphasis is placed on:

  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Kindness
  • Service

and a sense of understanding, compassion for others, as well as the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical by employing experienced professional teachers who are graduates and post-graduate products of renowned tertiary institutions in Ghana and who are tasked with imparting these values.


In September 1974 a long cherished dream of Mrs. Eupheme Conliffe Dei became a reality. Deks Educational Institute was born. The school was founded on the pillars of discipline, excellence, respect and hard work to give quality education to the community.

The school started as a day-care centre by name New Era kindergarten at Tema community 1. A larger and permanent location was later acquired at Tema community 8 to accommodate the phenomenal growth of the school. The new location of the school started with 89 students and three teachers. A change of name also followed the change in location. Its new name "DEKS" was an acronym that stood for the following:
D- Dei (Surname of founder)
E -Etta (First name of founder)
K- Kodzo (First name of founder’s husband)
S- (To make it pleasant to pronounce)
Though it still maintains the name, the meaning of the acronym has evolved to reflect the cherished virtues of the school. DEKS now stands for:
D- Discipline
E- Excellence
K- Kindness
S- Service

Currently, the school has 52 classrooms, 5 modern offices, 2 science lab, 2 computer laboratories, two libraries, Pre-technical and Pre-vocational skills workshops, canteen, a bookshopand 3 school buses. A three-storey multipurpose building has recently been commissioned to house the administration, staff common room, a library and additional classrooms.

The Senior Secondary School began full operations in September 2001. Programmes offered include General Science, General Arts, Visual Arts and Business Studies. ICT is studied as a core subject for all the programs. The school is blessed with experienced and highly qualified staff, and state of the art facilities. It is the hope of the management that students would take advantage of these facilities and opportunities to enable them excel in their academic pursuits.


P.O. Box 633


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Deks Educational Institute

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