Ecole Bilingue, Edulingua.


Ecole Bilingue, Edulingua is a Bilingual school running the Cambridge programme. All subjects are taught in both English and French with high standard of academic education providing a solid foundation for future study.

The three main subjects studied are English, Maths and Science plus a range of subjects including Geography, Music, Information Technology and Spanish added on at the Primary level.




Greater Accra Region
Boarding & Day


Ownership & Structure

Ecole Bilingue, Edulingua is a subsidiary of Legistics Sellas Ventures, a Language, Education, Study Abroad, Travel and Hospitality services company wholly owned by Yawa Sellaisse Ababio(founder/CEO)

Company History

Legistics Sellas started in 2005  initially as a Study Abroad company offering counseling for students wanting to  study in other countries.

In 2007, the company started language teaching offering English and French training.

2008 The company successfully organised its first language Immersion trip to London.

2009-2011 company organised language camps in Accra for children from French-speaking countries during summer holidays.

2013-2014 company started weekday and Saturday After-school classes.

2014 & 2015 Vacation classes were organised during summer holidays.

September 2014, Ecole Bilingue, Edulingua started as a full-time regular school (pre-school, primary and secondary).

September 2017 post-seconadary, language+hospitality competency-based short programme for young people begins.

Admission Fee: 
$ 80
Academic Year: 
September, 2018
#27, 16th Street, New Achimota

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Dear Sir,

Please I am leaving in Addis Ababa and I wish to get from all the requirement to joint you. My son is doing grade 11 and wish to if it is a boarding school even if your school can provide also English course.

Best regards,

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