Radiance High School, Lagos

41 Road, Festac Town, Lagos
About Us

It has seasoned experience, loyal, hardworking and well trained staff whose efforts have enabled Radiance to be what it is today. That is why in spite of mass failures in external examinations, our children have come out with good results.

Programs Offered
Secondary Education
Admission Requirements

The first exam takes place each year in May, the second take place in august. The subjects taken are English, Mathematics and Verbal Quantitative.


Radiance High School was established in September, 1999. The founders are: Bishop F. L. O. Menkiti and Mrs. E. I. Menkiti. At the time it was established, the kindness, mercy peace and favour of God on it were overwhelming. Happily enough, they are still there today. That is why it is called Radiance High School, a school that radiates the greatness, favour, power and the goodness of God.


41 Road, Festac Town, Lagos
1st Ave. O Close, Festac Town, Lagos


School location

Radiance High School, Lagos

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