Trillium Court Montessori, Lagos

3 Olufemi street, off Ogunlana drive. Surulere. Lagos.
About Us

Trillium Court Montessori is licensed to serve children ages 0 -5 years with full Montessori teaching method. We provide an environment that makes learning fun and impactful.

We offer a Montessori curriculum that meets the individual need of each child. Our emphasis is to nurture your child to develop a high degree of self-confidence, independence, creative and positive social skills and enthusiasm for the learning process, helping them adapt to all sorts of new situations as they evolve in life.

Here at TCM, we have experienced, dedicated and warm staff who treat the children with respect, honesty and warmth. Even though we have established ground rules within our framework, the opinions and questions of the children are taken quite seriously, they are not seen as silly or challenging authority but seen as an avenue to positively direct their vibrant innate curiosity.

It is a wise goal for parents to seek out what best suits the child and it is equally important to be certain that a school can realistically deliver a parent’s educational goals and personal values to a child. We at TCM will strive to uphold these goals and values as supportive partners of trust.

Programs Offered
Admission Procedures

1. Schedule a tour with our office
2. Submit completed Admission form with the appropriate fee.
3. Schedule an interview with the school Director.
On receipt of the completed admission form and registration fee, your child’s details will be placed on the waiting list for the month of entry of your choice. Completed admission forms and fee should be returned to our office.
At TCM, children are not tested or interviewed.


3 Olufemi street, off Ogunlana drive. Surulere. Lagos.


School location

Trillium Court Montessori, Lagos

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