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Postal Address P. O. Box CS 8989, Tema, Ghana
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Able Academy is a "prepared environment" for learning and academic excellence. Our facilities, staff
and curriculum provide students with all the resources needed to excel.

Able Acedemy helps expose children to a rich and varied teaching and learning environment which
seeks to broaden their outlook; encourage the best examples of Christian morality, and service to others;
and to develop skills which will enable them to compete favourably at both local and international levels.

Knowledge and integrity is our motto and means more than just academic excellence. As educators, it is
our duty to lay the moral, social and intellectual foundation which will produce balanced, morally upright
and socially compassionate sons and daughters of Ghana who will be of service to their community and
ultimately the nation.

Programs Offered
creche, nursery, primary, kindergarten, junior high

Postal Address P. O. Box CS 8989, Tema, Ghana
greatet accra


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Able Acedemy

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